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Brooks Lokey

Masters Intern

Rate: $50 per visit
Phone: 615-852-6879

Who's Brooks?

Hey, I’m glad you found me! I help depressed and anxious individuals and frustrated athletes and performers restore a sense of purpose and hope for their future.


I help people overcome life’s challenges and hurdles, help make meaning out of confusion, and simply provide a safe, warm environment in which to explore life and to grow. I help people become more aware of who they are, more confident in themselves, better connected to themselves and their communities around them, and lastly to restore a sense of hope about who they are and their future. I work particularly with athletes and performers suffering with the mental and emotional toll of a serious injury or who are facing the end of their days as a performer, disenchanted people going through a crisis of faith, men’s issues, depression, anxiety, and grief.


No matter what experiences you’ve been through, I would be honored to walk alongside you as you work toward your goals. The counseling relationship is powerful as it allows me to listen to your story to understand who you are. It allows me to see you differently perhaps from how you see yourself and to even offer a different perspective. I believe that people grow and are healed in the context of community and relationship, and that is what I can help provide. I also have particular interests in the brain to be able to understand how and why we function as we do on a deeper level.


I am a student intern enrolled in the Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Lipscomb University. I began the program in the fall of 2020 and look forward to graduation in the spring of 2024. I am working under supervision as an intern of Andy Melton, Ph.D., LPC/MSHP and the Lipscomb University CMHC faculty.


I am a Nashville native, a sports fanatic, music lover, and coffee nerd. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 4 years. In my free time, I enjoy watching any of my favorite sports teams or playing sports myself. Recently, I’ve been pulled into the infamous Pickleball trend and have loved learning a new game. I also enjoy exploring new music as well as playing music as a drummer of over 25 years. Lastly, I am constantly exploring and researching the latest art and science in the world of coffee and espresso. I am a home brewing enthusiast and love learning more about the complexities within the incredible gift of coffee.

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