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Drew Scott

Masters Intern

Rate: $25 per visit
Phone: 615-492-1063

Who's Drew?

Hi there! I take pride in helping anxiety-ridden individuals, overthinkers “stuck” in rigid ways of
being, and young adults navigating important life transitions find peace and clarity.

I’d be honored to work with you in the joint pursuit of a more meaningful life. To be here, perusing through these profiles, might imply that you’re seeking some sort of change. Whether or not the next steps are clear to you, I am committed to offering a safe, judgment-free space tailored to your needs; together, we can explore what that change might look like. I primarily draw from a person-centered, humanistic approach to this work. In other words, I believe that you’re the real expert here (not me!), and that healing is possible within the context of connection.


And now, here’s a little bit about me: although I’ve fallen in love with Nashville, I’ll always call Athens, Georgia home. I graduated in 2021 from the University of Georgia and have always been an avid Georgia Bulldogs supporter (contrary to popular belief, some of us don’t bark at opposing fans!). When I’m not in the office, you might find me studying at a local coffee shop, going to concerts with friends, or working on my golf game.

As a clinical intern, I am privileged to be surrounded by individuals who are dedicated to supporting YOU through me! I am under the supervision of Laura Helen Jacobs, LPC-MHSP(t), CEC and the faculty of Vanderbilt’s clinical mental health counseling program. As a student, I’m consistently exposed to new and preexisting approaches to this work and will be dynamic in offering them to you in our sessions, understanding that therapy looks different for everyone.

I applaud your bravery in taking this step on the path of healing. Whether you’re new to counseling or have decided to revisit it, I hope we can connect soon!

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