Our Mission

We exist to develop entrepreneurial-minded clinicians who add value to their communities by owning ethically and efficiently-run practices that provide culturally and clinically-sound services.

Our Vision

We work to extend our reach through the addition of office locations, turning out competent practice owners and clinicians, and constructing usable content for our growing online community.

Our Values & Principles

          - We design rates for a variety of client income levels
          - We reserve schedule space for reduced or pro-bono rates         

          - We host masters trainees who provide reduced rate services

          - We adjust our rates as much as possible for motivated clients


          - We engage in ongoing mental health education
          - We supervise and train inexperienced clinicians
          - We maintain a learner mindset regardless of experience
          - We construct online resources for other professionals

          - We remain punctual, consistent, and assertive
          - We treat clients/colleagues with sincerity and hospitality
          - We recognize clients possess strengths needed to grow
          - We consult with other professionals regularly


          - We pursue new ideas to increase resourcefulness
          - We regard failure as essential and inevitable to growth
          - We develop practice owners and content creators 
          - We review specific goals, priorities, and strategies

          - We articulate, optimize, and automate our systems
          - We stay organized and reliable for our colleagues
          - We cultivate healthy self-care rhythms
          - We work smarter to get home faster