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Andy's Supervision Schedule

Below is a schedule of supervision topics to be covered over a two-year period. The schedule is broken up into eight seasons (one season per quarter) with an aim to provide a comprehensive framework for licensure supervisees to develop their professional trajectory and hone their clinical craft.  

Season 1 - Basic Clinical Skills

Even Year (Q1) Topics: Intake Session, Informed Consent, Empathy, Active Listening, Hope Giving, Self-Disclosure, Humor, Confrontation, Theory DV, Safety Planning, Goal DV, Context of Behavior.

Season 3 - Professional Development

Even Year (Q3) Topics: Education, Credentialing, Licensure Hours and Supervision, CEUs, Career Tracks, Temp. Licensing, Use of Research and Statistics, Stages of Profession, Associations.

Season 5 - Advanced Clinical Skills

Odd Year (Q1) Topics: Testing, Assessment, Diagnosis, Crisis Work, Feeling Stuck, Termination, Grief & Loss, Motivation, Decision Making, Transference, Intimidation, and Attraction.  

Season 7 - Practice Management

Odd Year (Q3) Topics: Medical Record, Clientele Management, Scheduling, Onboarding, Specialty DV, NPI/CAQH, Accessibility vs. Quality, Consultation, Office/Furniture Set Up.

Season 2 - Ethics & Multicultural

Even Year (Q2) Topics: ACA Code, Confidentiality, Dual Relationship, Duty of Warn, Scope, Values, Dependency, Plagiarism, Religion, Economic Class, Sexual Idenity, Ethnic/Racial, Age & Stage.

Season 4 - Documentation

Even Year (Q4) Topics: In-Session Notes, Progress Notes, Treatment Planning, Correspondence Levels, Boring and Technical, Documentation as Self-Care, Technology Tools, Voicemails, Emails, Texts. 

Season 6 - Person of the Therapist

Odd Year (Q2) Topics: Navigating Family/Friends, Self-Care, Time Management, Work/Life Balance, Calibration of Involvement, Prioritization, Efficiency of Workflows, Rest/Respite.

Season 8 - Entrepreneurial Principles

Odd Year (Q4) Topics: Marketing Strategies, Being a Beginner, Abundance vs. Scarcity, Working IN vs. ON Business, Creating Content, Elevator Pitch DV, Multiple Income Streams, Specialty Training.

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