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Entrepreneurs and Seasonal Depression

You may have heard that “manic-depression is synonymous with entrepreneurship.” This is no lie. Entrepreneurs endure significant emotional highs and lows when taking on professional risks. Entrepreneurs and seasonal depression can sometimes go hand-in-hand.

Seasonal depression can feel like this

I once stayed after a technology workshop to talk to the presenter. I said, “Hey, I’m Andy. I’m a counselor that works with entrepreneurs. Just wanted you to know I exist.” The presenter’s countenance immediately fell. She responded, “I haven’t slept in a few days. Between travel, finances, and getting ready for this pitch, I’m overwhelmed and overcooked.” I’ve heard this type of story hundreds of times from the entrepreneurial community.

The truth is, entrepreneurs are often mentally strong people. It’s their mental strength that leads them to a world of personal and professional risk, a world most people avoid. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the emotional strain of their professional pathway until they’re in the middle of it.

These highs and lows are especially present during the months of January and February. January and February can be seen as the "Monday" of the year. It’s like getting a “Case of the Mondays,” but for two months straight.

Everything’s a little harder when culture itself is lacking in motivation. Lead generation is harder when most people are figuratively hibernating. After the holiday season, people can become lazy like sloths. This cultural slow down can make it hard to engage potential clients or even your own team with new ideas and strategies.

How to Combat Seasonal Depression

  • Walk and Talk Aloud: Performing these two activities together replicates the rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) processes of the body. Sharing your thoughts and feelings aloud while walking helps the mind process the information and keeps you feeling spry.

  • Spiritual Renewal: Connecting with God creates significant change. Find time to pause, pray, meditate, and move forward in faith. Our spiritual life is a primary contributor to our purpose and identity as a human being. Knowing more about who God is and what He thinks of you is prime.

  • Exercise Generosity: IMHO, there’s no better solve for negative emotions than to look beyond ourselves and help someone out. Write a thank you note, sign up to volunteer, or call up a friend to encourage them; these can help loosen up your own emotional jam. It’s more blessed to give.

  • Batch Your Content: Streamline your content creation process by allocating separate days for planning, writing, and scheduling. Nothing beats old-fashioned productivity when you're feeling low, especially if a few days of work can sustain your content creation for all of January and February.

  • Engage a Mentor: Q1 is the perfect time to engage a mentor by asking a respected colleague for guidance. What’s the worst that could happen? The potential mentor declines your request but is crazy honored by your invitation. The best? They accept and a new mentorship is born. You're no stranger to taking risks. This one should be taken immediately.


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