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Individual and Couples Counseling: $225 per visit 

Supervised Counselors: $25-$125 per visit

Reduced rates available on a limited basis.


Some insurances will allow their customers to bill them directly for counseling services. We can provide you the necessary diagnosis and service codes to

make this process run more smoothly. For these purposes,

we would be considered an "Out of Network" provider. 

Why No Insurances?

We've been asked, "Why don't you take insurance?"

No Paper Trail: Many of our clients want to engage in counseling services, but they do not want a formal mental health diagnosis given to their insurance company. Insurances require such information before they will pay for your service.  ​

Confidentiality: When a mental health diagnosis is given to your insurance company, the information is entered into your permanent medical record. Many of our clients want to be 100% in charge of their medical information.

Simplicity: Our clients pay for services via cash, debit/credit card, Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Clients can access their paid invoices at anytime using their secure portal username and password.     

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